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Residential Real Estate Video Portfolio and Pricing

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For a buyer, a real estate video tour is almost like being inside a home or commercial property, giving a buyer a better sense of a property’s layout, size, and lighting better than any photograph would. Through high-quality video, graphics, and professional editing you can feature your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give buyers an idea of what they’re walking into before an open house and impress your sellers with the breadth of services you have used to market their home, business, or property.

By giving potential buyers an opportunity to preview a property through real estate video, only serious buyers are likely to schedule an in-person visit, lessening the foot traffic for sellers. Real estate video also can be valuable to rental property owners, as properties can be viewed by potential renters even when the unit is occupied.

Please see our real estate video pricing packages below. These video pricing packages are meant to serve a large percentage of our customers. However, we do understand that there are cases where our clients have special requests or needs. If you have questions about a particular property that may not fit within our pricing structure below, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to speak with you and provide you with a quote for any project that might be outside our typical real estate video pricing packages.

The Benefits of Residential Real Estate Video

Residential Real Photography Includes

A 24/7 Open House

Imagine hosting an open house around the clock, without even being there! With real estate video, you’re not just showcasing a property; you’re rolling out a red carpet experience for potential buyers, anytime, anywhere. Dive into the future of property tours, where buyers get a dynamic sneak peek, building anticipation and excitement. 

Residential Real Photography Includes

A More Immersive Experience

With video, you’re offering potential buyers a cinematic journey through a home, right from their couch. Showcase the authentic ambiance, layout, and rhythm of a property with just a click. It’s not just about showing a space; it’s about immersing viewers in an experience. It’s convenience, excitement, and efficiency all wrapped up in one!

Residential Real Photography Includes

Satisfy Potential Buyers

The Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report reveals a whopping 79% of homebuyers are scrolling online for their dream homes. And guess what? A significant 33% of them emphasize the importance of video tours in their search. It’s clear – today’s buyers are hungry for content that’s more than just static images. 

Residential Real Photography Includes

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Danzi Real Estate Media guarantees you will be happy with your residential real estate video no matter what, or we’ll reshoot it at no extra cost. If for any reason you are not happy with our reshoot, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Residential Real Estate Video Prices

Up to 1k Sq Ft

  • Up to 1 Minute in Length
  • Includes Professional Editing
  • Includes Music (if requested)
  • Description Graphics
  • Includes 1 Hour On-Site
  • 48 Hour Turnaround

1k to 2k Sq Ft

  • Up to 1 min & 30 sec in Length
  • Includes Professional Editing
  • Includes Music (if requested)
  • Description Graphics
  • Includes 1.5 Hours On-Site
  • 48 Hour Turnaround

2k to 3k Sq Ft

  • Up to 2 Minutes in Length
  • Includes Professional Editing
  • Includes Music (if requested)
  • Description Graphics
  • Includes 2 Hours On-Site
  • 48 Hour Turnaround

3k Sq Ft +

  • Up to 3 Minutes in Length
  • Includes Professional Editing
  • Includes Music (if requested)
  • Description Graphics
  • Includes 2.5 Hours On-Site
  • 48 Hour Turnaround

Please use this video pricing structure for an approximate quote. These approximate costs are provided for your convenience so you may get a quick understanding of our pricing based on your needs. Please keep in mind that we are aware every one of our customer’s situations and needs is different so we will do our best to work within your budget.

Residential Real Estate Video Portfolio

Real estate video helps real estate agents and agencies like yours build a personal brand while standing out from the competition. High-quality and high production value and professional editing help your listing get noticed faster and provide more leads.

High-quality real estate videos and walkthroughs add a new and exciting dimension to your property and accelerate your real estate marketing efforts. Showing your property via professional tours is crucial to attracting buyers and convincing sellers to list with you. We offer a fast turnaround with affordable pricing combined with professional video filming and editing to make your listing look the best it can.

Luxury Home Residential Real Estate Video – Spring Lake, NJ

Luxury Home Residential Real Estate Video – Deal, NJ

Luxury Home Residential Real Estate Video – Asbury Park, NJ

Luxury Townhome Residential Real Estate Video – Teaneck, NJ

Condominium Residential Real Estate Video – New York, NY

Small Apartment Residential Real Estate Video – New York, NY

Residential Real Estate Videos – FAQ’s

What are residential real estate videos?
Residential real estate videos are professionally produced videos that showcase residential properties. They provide potential buyers with a visual walkthrough of the property, highlighting its features and amenities.

Why are real estate videos important for property listings?
Videos offer a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing potential buyers to get a feel for the property before visiting in person. They can increase engagement, drive more inquiries, and help properties sell faster.

How long should a residential real estate video be?
Typically, a residential real estate video ranges from 1 to 3 minutes. However, the length can vary based on the property size and the number of features to highlight.

Do you use drones for aerial shots?
Yes, we utilize drones to capture stunning aerial views of the property, giving potential buyers a unique perspective of the property’s surroundings.

How soon can I expect the final video after the shoot?
The turnaround time for a residential real estate video is usually between 1 to 2 business days, depending on the complexity of the project.

Can I choose the background music for the video?
Absolutely! We have a library of royalty-free music you can choose from, or you can provide your own.

What if I need changes to the final video?
We offer a round of revisions to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

How are the videos delivered?
Videos are delivered digitally in high-definition format, suitable for uploading to property listing sites, social media, and your website.

Do you offer package deals for multiple property videos?
Yes, we offer package deals for agents or homeowners with multiple properties. Please contact us for more details.

Are there any additional costs involved?
Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees. Any additional costs, such as travel expenses for properties outside our service area, will be discussed upfront.